Figurative work spans large scale and intimate formats, in painting, drawing and printmaking. The content of this work examines an array of underlying issues pertaining to the body and relationship/isolation: impermanence, the imprint of loss, the evolution of identity and the temporary nature of form. The language of the figure is expanded to incorporate exposure of the Pentimento in painting--the process of repentance and change. The work often reveals the decisions of adding multiples of one figure to communicate a dialogue of gestures: twisting, bending, disconnected, uneasy--the body hit with an unforgiving light, broken into incomplete shapes, wrapped in cloth and shadow.

The image/symbol of the body represents the inner conflict inherent to the limitations of an existence as form: weight, aging, illness; appearance vs. identity; and the body as a vessel: storing injuries and loss, recording experience and growing heavy with the burden of past.